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It’s Maker’s® Hour. Explore ways to savor every minute.

There’s no set time for Maker’s® Hour. It’s simply the much-deserved time you decide to make for yourself. We’re just here to help you make the most of yours.


Make a Mule you’d walk a mile for

With a little bit of ginger, fruit and bourbon, the Maker’s® Mule is as refreshing as “75 and sunny” after a long winter. And so is taking your sweet time to drink it.


A fresh look at the Old Fashioned

As the very first cocktail, the versatile Old Fashioned – perfectly sweet with just a hint of citrus – has long played a small part in a mountain of memories. Add a few more to the tally with every one you pour.


Have a Gold Rush at your own speed

No matter the time of year, our Maker’s® Gold Rush – a refreshing, honeyed take on the Whisky Sour – will have you feeling like you’re soaking up summer rays as golden as the drink itself.


A more Maker’s® (46) Manhattan

Don’t be fooled by a Manhattan’s simplicity. The classic cocktail can quickly elevate any moment. Add Maker’s Mark 46® to the mix – with its richer vanilla and caramel notes and long finish – and that moment will linger even further past the final sip.


A better way to make a Boulevardier

Some have called the classic taste of a Boulevardier bittersweet, but — when made right, with Maker’s Mark® — the most bittersweet moment is when your glass is empty.

Tips & tricks

Pro bartending tips for at-home bartenders

Not everyone is a cocktail-making pro or has the tools of one. But here’s the thing – it doesn’t matter which tools you use to make your drink, only that when you’re done and have a sip, you’ll want to sit back and enjoy every drop ’til it’s gone. And that’s where we come in.

Some of our favorites

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Get a taste of the bar experience with a cocktail at home.

For every gift of Maker’s Mark® exists a label for the occasion.

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